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Hello, Debra! It’s a pleasure to have you at Novel Reflections today. We’ll start out with a fun introduction: Describe yourself to our readers in six words only.

Dreamer, lover, fighter, believer, mother, friend.

What has surprised you most since becoming a published author?

The number of amazing friends I’ve made, readers and writers. It has been an amazing journey!

The third book in your Faces of Evil series, POWER, was released last week by Grand Central. This series was previously self-published. Why did you decide to move back to traditional publishing? How did the switch come about?

I loved, loved my self-publishing experience and absolutely plan to do more. The one drawback is the inability to get the paperback versions out there. Since I have been traditionally published for a number of years I have a lot of readers who haven’t made the transition to digital just yet. Grand Central Publishing has a fantastic paperback program as well as an excellent digital program. The fit was perfect!

For readers not familiar with your books, please share some background information on the Faces of Evil series. How many books do you have planned in all?

The concept came to me several years ago (at the time it was called the Scales of Justice). I wanted to create a scale of evil and write a series focused on that scale beginning with the least heinous of deeds. Mind you, the least heinous of those evils doesn’t exactly equate to light or vanilla when it comes to bad. Even the lowest level of evil can include murder. The seemingly nicest person can snap or be pushed into a situation and end up committing murder. Where that act fits in terms of depravity is all in the motive. As I fleshed out the series I realized it was the motives that intrigued me the most. The impetus for the crime and the differences between the truly heinous villain and the heinous act committed by your average, everyday person. Throw in a focused ensemble cast and I was hooked on writing this series! OBSESSION is really close to my heart because it was first. But I fall in love with the characters a little more with each book! I hope you’ll check out the series starting with OBSESSION! I have twelve books planned for the series but you never know where the total will end up! The Colby Agency series I do for Harlequin Intrigue just hit #50!

What can we look forward to in your latest book, POWER? Can it be read stand-alone?

Jess Harris and Dan Burnett will be facing a number of challenges, personal as well as professional. And, as always, Jess will find the truth no matter how hazardous to her own safety! The story will take her from the mansions of Birmingham’s elite to the underbelly of another kind of elite—the seamy world of drugs and gangs. Like any series, I think readers enjoy the stories more if they’ve been involved with the characters from the beginning, but I try hard to ensure a complete, stand-on-its-own story for each installment.

How do you keep ideas for your books fresh?

Doing just that with a series will keep you on your toes! But I always remind myself that the characters need to be real and real folks have all sorts of dilemmas in everyday life. Additionally, each of us is unique and the way we react to a given situation is unique as well. I try to keep that in mind with my characters.

What are three things that many people don’t know about you?

Coca-Colas are my addiction—the ones in the little old-fashioned glass bottles. I love, love, love old houses and old stuff. I love old movies like To Kill a Mockingbird and It’s a Wonderful Life.

Thank you for being with us today, Debra!  Find Debra on the web at and on Facebook & Twitter.

Jess is ready to start the next chapter in her life as the new deputy chief of Birmingham’s major crimes division. But with her first love, Chief of Police Dan Burnett, acting as her new boss, it looks like Jess won’t be able to put the past behind her that easily.

Jess has decided to focus all of her attention on work when a celebrated ballet instructor is found dead by one of her students. Though Jess’s instincts tell her otherwise, the death is ruled an accident, and the case is assigned to another division. Still, Jess can’t shake the feeling that there’s more to the story, and her investigation leads her into the worlds of Birmingham’s gang culture and its powerful elite.

Now Jess’s investigation has dug a little too deep, and there’s a target painted on her own forehead. Will she be able to solve the crime before her own life is in jeopardy?

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