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Please welcome author Gabrielle Bisset to Novel Reflections. She’s talking about her book BLOOD BETRAYED, the second book of her Sons of Navarus series.

BLURB:I am everything forbidden. I am vampire.

Haunted by betrayal, Saint hides in the human world, giving his heart to no one and finding the only solace from his past in the arms of human women. Now as the Archons begin their takeover of the vampire world, this Son of Navarus has been marked for death.

Summoned to defeat the Archons by the world that shunned him, Saint must face his past and Solenne, the woman he loved and lost a century ago, for only in accepting her will his body and soul finally find salvation.

Please tell us about your latest release.

Blood Betrayed is the book #2 in the Sons of Navarus series. Blood Avenged ended with the introduction of the seven Sons who joined that book’s hero, Vasilije. Together, they’ll have to stop the Archons, the law and order vampires, from taking over their world. Blood Betrayed is Saint’s book. He’s an outsider from the vampire world because of his criminal past from almost 100 years ago. His nickname Saint is pejorative–other vampires gave him that name because he won’t sleep with his female vampires, or any other for that matter. Saint has spent most of his existence as a vampire hiding out in the human world because he can’t forget the woman he loved and lost nearly a century earlier, Solenne. Now that the civil war with the Archons has begun, he’s the next Son marked for death and the only soul who will hide him is Solenne.

In many ways, this story is one of second chances. The romantic story certainly is. The non-romantic storyline that will travel throughout the series continues also, with the introduction of the Archon villain who will be around for a while, Marc Verrater, and the Sons work on unraveling the Prophecy of Idolas, the key to their understanding how to stop the Archons.

What inspired you to write this book?

Saint was a character that sprung to life when I was creating the eight Sons of Navarus. After Vasilije in Blood Avenged, who was so sensual and hedonistic, I wanted to have a character who was more down-to-earth and darker. Saint is that man. In many ways, he’s what readers often expect of vampires: brooding and haunted.

Can you tell readers who are not familiar with the series what the premise of the stories are about?

Long ago, the first vampire was born from the love of the goddess Macaria, the daughter of Hades, God of the Underworld, and Navarus, the human male who fell in love with her. As her consort, he walked the night as she always had, becoming the first vampire. Loving her, he turned her vampire and together they had eight sons. The youngest, Idolas, had a vision of the world long after ancient Greek times, of a time when the Archons, those vampires chosen to keep law and order in the vampire world, would move to overthrow the elders in the Order of Macaria and impose their iron rule on all.

The vampire world is now very far from the love Macaria and Navarus shared millennia ago. The Archons have moved to fulfill the Prophecy of Idolas and begin the takeover. Standing in their way are the Sons of Navarus, eight vampire warriors chosen by the Order of Macaria to protect the way of life vampires have enjoyed for thousands of years and defeat the Archons when the day Idolas prophesied came true.

That time has come and for the eight Sons of Navarus, this war will test all their strength and courage. They must unlock the secrets of the Prophecy of Idolas to defeat the Archons or perish in trying for none of their kind can be safe if the Archons win this battle.

Were any of the characters a challenge to write?

Truthfully, Saint was very difficult to write. There were nights that I went to bed exhausted after just getting a few pages of his story done. By the end, I was so emotionally drained from him that I wanted to take a much longer break than I usually do after finishing a book. Some characters just take everything out of you, and Saint is one of those characters.

Please share with us who or what is the antagonist of your story.

The villian in Blood Betrayed and at least a few of the books to come in the series is an Archon named Marc Verrater. I don’t think I’ve ever written a more completely evil character than Marc. He orders the killing of fellow vampires without a blink of an eye. He’s manipulative and very dangerous, and he’s the man Solenne has to spend time around often in the book.

Without giving away spoilers, can you share your favorite scene from the book?

Romantically, the first time Saint and Solenne get together again is a favorite of mine. That hardened character who has been fighting her so much finally gives in to what his heart and body have been craving for too long. That surrender is very sensual and emotional because Saint and Solenne have a history, both good and bad, that colors everything they’re going through this time.

With the book being part of a series, are there any character or story arcs that readers jumping in somewhere other than the beginning need to be aware of?

While Blood Betrayed is the second book in the series, I think it could be read before Blood Avenged (not that readers should miss Vasilije’s story, trust me). That said, Blood Betrayed will be the last book in the series that will work like that. Everything from this book on will build on what happens in this story. I don’t like throwing such a huge story at readers all at once, so I eased them into the idea with Blood Avenged. Most of that story is about Vasilije and Sasa, and the Sons don’t come in until the very end. This was done intentionally so as to give readers a sense of my vampires before I threw a civil war with the Archons at them. It’s going to be a big story with a lot going on.

Can you tell readers a little bit about the world building in the book/series? Were there challenges or obstacles you had to overcome?

The world my vampires live in is our world. Humans know vampires live amongst us and have moved on from the initial surprise. The vampires certainly do have their own power structures and government, but there are no Harry Potter invisible train station platforms or things like that in most paranormal romances. For the Sons of Navarus series, the world building, if it’s to be considered that, is the structure of the two sides fighting in this civil war: the Archons and the Sons of Navarus. The Archons have been waiting for the right time to take over the vampire world. They’re sterile vampires, meaning they can’t sire by vampire law, and they’re power hungry. The Sons of Navarus are chosen by the elders in the vampire world, those in the Order of Macaria, and by contrast, they are often very prolific sires. Both sides must decipher the Prophecy of Idolas, which foretold of the Archon takeover. The Archons need to know exactly how they can succeed, and the Sons need to know how to stop them.

Can you leave readers with a teaser from the book?

Looking around the eighteenth century French country house, Saint saw that little had changed since the last time he’d been there. Expensively furnished, Solenne’s home had been some important sire’s until she’d decided that the French countryside offered little of the excitement an ancient vampire craved. At least that was the story Solenne had told. Who knew if it were true.

As he stared up at the crystal chandelier above his head, he said what he wished would be the last words he’d have to say to her. “Just tell me where my room is and where I can work out.”

Solenne stood staring at him, and he felt her eyes boring holes through him.

“Saint, I’d hoped we could put the past behind us to work together. Can we at least talk?”

He lowered his gaze to meet hers and saw ocean blue eyes wide with hope staring back at him. That she could think that giving him some doe-eyed look and meaningless words would be enough to erase everything that had happened only made him more enraged about the situation.

“I’m not interested in talking or taking some stroll down memory lane. Just point me to my room and where I can work out.”

The fiery look that instantly filled her eyes showed she was the same Solenne from all those years ago. He knew that oh-so-helpful woman from Vasilije’s was just an act.

“It doesn’t have to be like this. I’d hoped you’d be a bigger man and see how we could work together. I see you’re the same man you’ve always been, unfortunately.”

Author Bio:Gabrielle Bisset spends her days teaching college students American and European history, but by night she’s an erotic romance author. Her first book, Stolen Destiny, was released by Siren Publishing in June 2011, and since then she’s released the novellas of The Victorian Erotic Romance Trilogy–Vampire Dreams, Love’s Master, and Masquerade–in addition to Destiny Redeemed. In December 2011, she released Blood Avenged, the first book in the Sons of Navarus series about eight vampires who must protect their world against an enemy that travels among their kind. Blood Betrayed is the second book in the series. She lives in Pennsylvania with her teenage son and a herd of pets.

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