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Please welcome author Nico Rosso to Novel Reflections! Nico’s here to talk about his new release, NIGHT OF FIRE – and also disclose which famous author he’s married to! :)


Night of fire, night of passion
US Army Upland Ranger Tom Knox always knew going home wouldn’t be easy. Three years ago, he skipped town, leaving behind the only woman who ever mattered; now that he’s seen the front lines of war, he’s ready to do what he must to win her back.
Rosa Campos is long past wasting tears on Tom Knox, and now that she’s sheriff of Thornville, she has more than enough to do. Especially when a three-story rock-eating mining machine barrels toward the town she’s sworn to protect.
Tom’s the last person Rosa expects to see riding to her aid on his ether-borne mechanical horse. She may not be ready to forgive, but Rosa can’t deny that having him at her side brings back blissful memories . . . even as it reignites a flame more dangerous than the enemy threatening to destroy them both.

Guest blog post
By Nico Rosso

With all this ether, it’s hard to stay grounded. Inventing steampunk technology is a tricky business. Too little and the story doesn’t surprise. Too much and you can create a Frankenstein’s monster that turns on you, dominating the characters and robbing the story of heart.

For those of you who haven’t jumped on the ether borne steampunk train, the genre is essentially Victorian science fiction. Using materials available in the late 19th Century, new and fantastic inventions are made to fuel the stories. Some authors add paranormal elements, others take a more real world approach.

In the Ether Chronicles my wife, Zoë Archer, and I wanted to create a relatively familiar world, augmented by steampunk technology. The biggest leap from reality is the Man O’ Wars, men with metal implants who serve as the energy source for their airships.

There are no Man O’ Wars in my first Western installment of the Ether Chronicles, but there’s plenty of steampunk tech. While inventing it, I tried to put myself at the workbench of the inventors at the time. I asked myself: given some new and fantastic materials, how would they alter and adapt the machines they already had?

With my hero, Tom Knox, I knew I wanted him riding back to Thornville, California after a three year absence. He’s been in the US Cavalry, so I thought about what kind of technology the Army would need. Instead of riding into town, I had him fly into town on a Sky Changer, a mechanical horse with ether tanks. At his side is a clockwork driven shoulder-fired Gatling rifle.

But despite all this tech, the story had to be rooted in emotion. In Thornville is Rosa Campos, the girl Tom left behind. But she’s a woman now. And the sheriff. She’s not so ready to welcome him back with open arms, even though the old attraction is still hot as a freshly fired gun barrel. Adding to the tension is a coming fight with an evil mining company’s rolling fifty foot rock eating machine.

Instead of burying the humanity, I wanted the machinery to highlight it. The struggle of man against machine—mind and soul against cold metal—reveals the true heart of Tom and Rosa.

My question to you: How much technology or invention do you like in your stories? This can be anything from steampunk to sci-fi to paranormal rules to the details of the hero’s car. Just enough to set the scene, or complete schematics of everything involved?

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