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We’re excited to have Jaclyn Hatcher, one of the authors from KISS ME: An Avon Books Valentine’s Anthology, stopping by Novel Reflections. Make sure that you have a pencil and paper (or printer) handy because she didn’t just share a chance at a giveaway today, but also a very yummy recipe!

Being single on Valentine’s Day can be tough, as the heroine of my novella, Katie Quinn, knows.  So every year my single friends and I draw names and do something special for each other.  We get each other flowers, or stuffed animals, or make something sweet to eat.  Then we pop in a chick flick (my personal favorite is When Harry Met Sally) and veg the night away.  Last year I made my friend these great little heart-shaped chocolates. And since these types of candies play a part in my novella, Love, Guns and Heart-Shaped Chocolate, I thought would share the recipe with you :) And Katie’s thoughts on store bought chocolates with a little excerpt from the novella found in Avon Impulse’s Valentine’s Day Anthology, Kiss Me available on February 5th.

With an eye roll and a sigh, Katie dropped the bag of chocolates into her basket, while purposefully avoiding the red velvet heart-shaped boxes. They sat on the clearance shelf looking jumbled and picked over. One was poised on the edge as if it were trying to jump. The poor dateless chocolate wanted to end its misery, she thought. Whereas she had a nice, relaxing, romance-free night planned. No swan dives off the clearance shelf for her. She was going to drink a bottle of cheap wine, gorge herself on chocolate, and watch Jurassic Park.

But of course, the hero changes those plans for her in the end :)

Heart-Shaped Chocolate with Hazelnut Mocha Ganache (I promise these are so rich they won’t be making swan dives off a clearance shelf, either)

Heart-Shaped Chocolate_Jackie

You’ll need:
Candy molds (I got mine from Joanne Fabrics)
6 oz Bittersweet Chocolate
½ cup Heavy Whipping Cream
½ Tbsp Salted Butter
½ tsp Vanilla Extract
1 12oz bag Dark Chocolate Candy Melts
1 to 3 Tbsp Espresso or strongly brewed coffee (adjust for personal tastes)
Chopped Toasted Hazelnuts

First we’re gonna make a Ganache

  • Chop the bittersweet chocolate and place in a bowl (sneaking a piece is a must)
  • In a sauce pan, bring heavy cream and butter to a simmer over medium heat.
  • Pour the cream over the chocolate and let it sit for a minute or two to soften the chocolate, add the vanilla then stir until smooth.  (if there are still chunks you can microwave it for a few seconds)
  • Now is your chance to add some pizzazz to your candies with fun flavors.  I used espresso in mine. (Now, I’m a coffee fanatic and I own an espresso machine.  I realize that most people do not so strongly brewed coffee will work as well.)  Stir this in and refrigerate for between 30 minutes to an hour until the ganache has stiffened.

Now for the candy makin’

  • Place the candy melts in a microwave safe bowl or measuring cup and microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring each time, until smooth.  It’s important not to over-heat this because it could lose its shine.
  • Using a spoon, drizzle it into the mold filling it about 2/3 full and tap the mold gently on the countertop to get any air bubbles out.
  • Let this set until it’s just starting to harden but is still a little gooey, about 5 minutes.  Using a spoon (or your fingers if you don’t mind getting messy) spread a dime-sized amount of the ganache on the top of the chocolates.
  • Press the hazelnuts onto the ganache.
  • Place the mold in the fridge for a one hour to set, then pop them out of the molds and enjoy your yummy chocolate creations!

102_5377_JackieAnd if you want more flavor combinations visit my blog at or find me on facebook at

Meet Jaclyn Hatcher:

Jaclyn Hatcher has always held a love for romance and adventure and with an imagination that won’t shut up what else is there to do but write?  She’s an artist, a black belt in karate, and a lover of all things coffee.  She lives in Southeast Michigan but vows she’ll never get used to cold weather.


Kiss MeBack Cover:

Pucker up on the most romantic day of the year with three debut contemporary authors and their tales of romance, seduction, and Elvis?

She’s got a hot new makeover . . . and a boss to seduce! For prim and proper Ryan Ashton, sexy has always been an elusive quality. But with a little help from a new friend, she just might snag the one man who can set her seductive side loose in Codi Gary’s The Trouble With Sexy.

Stuck in a king-size suite with a sexy man . . . What more could a girl want? But for Julie Dillon, being snowed in at an Elvis-themed Memphis hotel with Luke Pearce can’t mean anything but trouble. Too close for comfort gets close enough to taste in Cheryl Harper’s Love Me Tender.

Her best friend’s brother is shaking up her Valentine’s Day! Katie Quinn just wanted to spend the day watching Jurassic Park and eating chocolate. She certainly had no intention of running into Logan Cross—or running for her life! Suddenly caught in the crosshairs of danger, Katie and Logan must get together to find a way out in Jaclyn Hatcher’s Love, Guns, and Heart-Shaped Chocolate.

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